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Wed, Apr. 15th, 2009, 11:24 am

anyone have a C++ compiler on windows? I need something compiled - specifically, this:


Or.. anyone have an alternative to this for a free, lightweight, command line tool that will take a screenshot? (on windows)

Thu, Jan. 22nd, 2009, 10:12 am

since I can't let an internet fad pass me by, I got a twitter account. jimheem.

Tue, Dec. 30th, 2008, 02:22 pm

The Finean Raids.

Why can't I find anything of interest about this online? Am I spelling it wrong?

Thu, Dec. 25th, 2008, 12:36 pm
Does Santa belong in the slammer?

WASHINGTON, D.C. - When Santa Claus comes to town this week, he'd better watch out -- because the federal government may be making a list of his crimes (and checking it twice), the Libertarian Party warned today.

"Hark the federal agents sing, Santa is guilty of nearly everything," said Libertarian Party press secretary George Getz. "The feds know when Santa's been bad or good -- and he's been bad, for goodness sakes."

Does Santa belong in the slammer? Instead of stuffing stockings, should he be making license plates?

Yes, said Getz, if he's held to the same standards as a typical American. For example:

* Every December 25, the illegal immigrant known as Santa Claus crosses the border into the United States without a passport. He carries concealed contraband, which he sneaks into the country in order to avoid inspection by the U.S. Customs Service. And just what's in all those brightly colored packages tied up with ribbons, anyway? The Drug Czar and Homeland Security want to know.

* Look at how this international fugitive gets around: Santa flies in a custom-built sleigh that hasn't been approved by the FAA. He never files a flight plan. He has no pilot's license. In the dark of night, he rides the skies with just a tiny bioluminescent red light to guide him -- a clear violation of traffic safety regulations.

* Pulling Santa's sleigh: Eight tiny reindeer, a federally protected species being put to hard labor. None of these reindeer have their required shots, and Santa's never bothered to get these genetically- engineered animals registered and licensed. It's no wonder: He keeps them penned outside his workplace in a clear violation of zoning laws.

* But Crooked Claus the Conniving Capitalist harms more than just animals -- he's hurting hard-working American laborers, too. Isn't Santa's Workshop really Santa's Sweatshop, where his non-union employees don't make minimum wage and get no holiday pay? Add the fact that OSHA has never inspected the place, and you have a Third-World elf-exploitation operation that only Kathy Lee Gifford could love.

* No wonder Santa is able to maintain his monopoly over the toy distribution industry: He's cornered the Christmas gift market. Santa dares to give away his products for free in a sinister attempt to crush all competition -- just like Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Antitrust Lawsuit Memo to the feds: Is Santa Claus the Bill Gates of Christmas?

The bottom line, said Getz: "It might be tough sledding for Jolly St. Nick this Christmas if the government decides to prosecute him.

"We're just surprised it hasn't already happened. After all, Santa Claus is everything that politicians aren't: He's popular, reliable, and gives us something for nothing every December 25th -- instead of taking our money every April 15th," says Getz.

Sun, Nov. 16th, 2008, 12:13 am

Lip Sync.

Think they'd learn after Ashlee?

Thu, Nov. 13th, 2008, 04:31 pm

My name is Charles and I'm a recruiter at Algomod Technologies Corporation. Our records show that you are an experienced professional with experience in VMWare. This experience is relevant to one of my current openings.

It is located in Groton, CT.

Approximate contract length is 12+ Months

FYI, ESX is a product for hosting servers in a virtual environment as opposed to a physical server for every logical server.

OK... Don't you think that if their records show that I have experience with VMWare, that I would know what ESX is? Or.. even if their records did not indicate that I had experience - the person that would be right for the job would certainly know what ESX is.

Let me put it in the ol' car analogy:

Help Wanted: Car mechanic

FYI, Cars are the motorized vehicles that transport people from point A to point B.

Thu, Oct. 30th, 2008, 02:29 pm

a quick snippet that sums up a conversation I was TRYING to have with someone on a mailing list. The mailing list is about a clinical piece of software that we use, but sometimes networking questions come up as well. There's only 2 or 3 of us on the list that are actually sysadmins - everyone else is a clinical admin - basically they know the clinical software and USUALLY thats it - often they THINK they know about network admin and often have been given that task by clueless management:

doesn't not open any holes and jeopardize your network in anyway" Why would HIPPA
approve "Go To My PC"?

I pretty much gave up trying to argue with her after that. She doesnt even realize that HIPPA is not a company or an organization.

Fri, Jul. 4th, 2008, 08:38 pm

Thu, Jun. 19th, 2008, 07:17 am

...Does anyone else think they are really overdoing the hell out of this whole Tim Russert thing? I mean, how many people really watched his show? Come on, seriously.

I don't want to negate from the tragedy that it is, a good man dying way too young - but the last time I remember this much fanfare for anyone that died, it was for Ronald Reagan.

Wed, Feb. 13th, 2008, 10:09 am
This is a MUST read.

from: http://whitehouser.com/politics/crucifixion-our-dying-constitution/
the American spirit is dead thanks to disgraceful congressional leadership

I can fairly say now, that I’ve never been more ashamed to be an American. In addition to being subject to the leadership of the worst presidential administration in American history, Congress just voted to grant immunity to telecommunications companies that were complicit in illegal surveillance activity against Americans. Of course, because this criminal activity occurred over the tenure of the Bush Administration, Congress will gladly give them a pass because they were acting based on a sense of “patriotic duty”.

In his closing speech on the Senate floor, Chris Dodd brought up September 28, 2007, what he calls the darkest day in the Congressional chamber. If the date doesn’t ring a bell, it was the day that the not-so-honorable Senators voted to deny Habeas Corpus and allow torture to take place at the hands of our agents. Senator Dodd argued that today, February 12, 2008, is a close second, as the action taken today further serves to deny the constitutional safeguards that our founders intended to protect our citizens.

What Chris Dodd’s entire argument revolved around was simply allowing lawsuits to go forward and be decided by the appropriate branch, the judiciary. President Bush insisted that he would veto any FISA legislation that didn’t include telecommunications immunity for his top secret surveillance activity. Instead, what the legislature is doing is denying Americans the right to know what is going on in our government. Today, government secrecy emerged victorious.

America’s Shame and why I’m proud to be “un-American”

Americans no longer have an understanding of what it means to be free, we’ve become so accustomed to big brother’s hand that torture, spying without warrants, and engaging in illegal wars of aggression are to be expected. Many of the candidates running for president campaigned hard on these issues, insisting that we would “remain on offense” in the propaganda-ridden war on terror. What Americans need now is a miracle, we need a hero or group of heroes to stand up in our legislature and fight for them. We don’t need more government parenting and rules that cater to corporations and fear.

Terrorism should be a tool that only the enemy is allowed to use. Illegal government activity should not be tolerated in its current form. Soon, we will lose a part of ourselves, the American spirit will die. This country is no longer FDR’s America, it isn’t JFK’s or Reagan’s America. It most definitely is not Bill Clinton’s America, yet his wife was curiously absent from the Senate floor on this most important matter. Unless our voters and elected officials stand up and fight for freedom, we’re going to lose this fight for our country. If you feel even a modicum of pride and love left for this nation that people the world over once admired, equip yourself with knowledge and do your part so that our country won’t slip away into the dark abyss of fascism.

I’m afraid we’re already there, but there may be hope and that hope begins with you.

Note: I've never been a Dodd fan, even though I can almost see his house from mine. But lately he's really been stepping up to the plate. Too bad he didnt do any of that BEFORE he ran his horrible presidential campaign. He might have made some waves.

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